First home owner with no deposit?

Getting the keys to your own home might be simpler than you think.

Do you feel like you’ve been saving for your deposit forever now? Is it painful knowing that as you save for your deposit property prices are increasing?

It feels like a never ending cycle of disappointment. Saving all your pennies trying to get yourself in your first home only to sit back helplessly and watch the prices of houses increase. But what if there was a way to get your foot in the door that is the gateway to property ownership…with no deposit?
Intrigued? So was I.

I know that the internet is saturated with half promises and and crazy sales promises, but I’m telling you that this is legit. If you qualify (and if you have a stable income, reasonable spending habits and a clean credit history, you probably do) we can get you into your own home with NO DEPOSIT. You must have stable employment, have an annual family income of over $120,000 with debts of less than $25,000 and have no credit defaults or arrears in other payments. This is a program for first home buyers who may not have a deposit but can service for this loan program and meet qualification of policy.

The process is pretty simple.

  1. We’ll ask you a few questions to figure out what it is that you want to achieve (ie budget, timeframe etc)
  2. Ask some qualifying questions to determine your eligibility
  3. We’ll send you a simple and straightforward set of questions, a process we call a ‘fact find’ to work out what you qualify for
  4. Then we’ll determine what kind of loan you would be able to service based on the information we’ve received from you

It’s definitely important to note that this exclusive offer is only available for people who qualify for the First Home Owners Grant. You can find out some more information about this grant here or you can get in touch with us and we can go ahead and explain the details to you. If you don’t qualify for this grant we can offer you other opportunities to get you in your first home with a 5% deposit.

If you’re sick of saving and saving for a dream that you feel like will never come true, then let us help you finally get that home you deserve, so you don’t have to continue watching those house prices soar.




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