Alt Doc Home Loans

Self employed applicants need not struggle obtaining a home loan. Business owners also have finance options to suit their circumstances. Many lender’s require up to date accounts to prove income and if you’ve been busy managing your enterprise this might always be possibile.

We can help. There are alternative lenders who will consider self employed applicants and business owners.

Lender’s are trying to see that you have the capacity to repay the loan. If your tax returns aren’t up to date you may be able to show serviceability with bank statements or Business Activity Statements. An ABN number is also helpful to show you are either self employed or a business owner.
Some lender’s will want to see an ABN registered for at least 6 months and will want to see business bank statements. Some will want to see an Accountants letter verifying your self employed or business ownership status and that you can afford the loan payments.

Alternative lenders will still want to see that you can afford the loan, its up to us to show the paperwork that can help the lender see that. These lender’s will still need to ensure that your household expenses are considered as part of the approval process. If your current loans include personal loans or credit card debt at a high interest rate it may be helpful to pay down or pay out those loans in your application.

The point is that there home loan options available to self employed or business owner applicants. If you’ve been rejected for finance from a traditional lender then have a look at our website or call us on 1300 To Revive (867 384). We may be able to help.

Disclaimer: This post is not intended to imply any recommendation about any financial product(s) and to constitute financial or tax advice. If you need financial or tax advice you should consult a licensed financial or tax adviser. The information in the article is generic in nature and we do not, warrant its completeness or accuracy.




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