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Smart Finance

Free Property Report.

Professional investors rely on research to determine the offers they will make on a particular property. They use research that can show price trends of …

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First Home buyers

95% LVR First Home Buyers Loan

First Home Buyers loan up to 95% Loan to Valuation Ratio, Plus any Lenders Mortgage Insurance up to 98 LVR. Deposit can be a non refundable gift (not a loan), no need to show genuine savings if property being purchased has a current tenant with at least 6 months good …

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Home Loans

Problem’s getting Finance?

  The Royal Commission interim findings have had an effect on Home Loan approvals. The traditional use of Household spending benchmarks to determine an applicants ability to service a proposed loan has been brought into question. Many lender’s have either tightened up their verification systems or are in the process …

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Home Loans

How to Refinance without Refinancing

Problem There’s many lenders that may offer better interest rates than you are currently paying. Why haven’t you refinanced to save money? A small interest rate saving over the course of a home loan can add up to many thousands of savings. In some cases tens of thousands of dollars …

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Home Loans

Are you trapped in your Mortgage?

Mortgage Prisoner You might not even realise it, but more and more home owners in Australia are trapped in their current mortgage. They are finding out the hard way of their imprisonment only when they try to vary their mortgage, or try to refinance. You may only find this out …

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