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Professional investors rely on research to determine the offers they will make on a particular property. They use research that can show price trends of particular suburbs of interest. They can even determine the advantages of one street over another within that suburb.

Then once they identify an area they wish to purchase in they can then research what an individual property sold for in previous years. We can assist you to take advantage of that same research to help you determine price ranges of your chosen property. You can also use this research before making an offer on a particular property or use it to determine the value of your home or investment property. Even commercial property research is possibile.

Don’t pay for researching pricing or comparable sales. Talk to us 0n 1300 TO REVIVE (1300 867 384) or email and ask us to prepare a free Property Report for you.




First Home buyers

To travel the world or buy a home? Or both?

It’s a question asked by many people in their 20’s. There’s a preconceived idea that once you’ve committed to a mortgage you’ve set yourself up for a mundane and restricted life, deprived of the joys …

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Home Loans

Can you lose more at the Casino than your money?

Casinos are notorious for their bright lights, cooled air conditioned environment and of course, their cunning ability to deprive you of your hard earned money. But in today’s society the negative ramifications of a gambling …

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Lending Policy

The lending environment

Recent developments in the property and finance market have impacted on property values and finance approvals. APRA (The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) was established in July 1998 and since then it has attempted to supervise …

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Smart Finance

How Your Bank Statements Affect your loan application

Your bank statements could have more more influence than you realise on your loan application. A potential lender can use your bank statements to give a snapshot of all your spending and income. Better than …

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Fast Business Loans. $5,000 to $250,000

Need funds for an opportunity or to support cash flow? We can help. Get fast, easy access to a small business loan of $5K to $250K, with funding possible in 24 hours.

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Alt Doc

Alt Doc Home Loans

Self employed applicants need not struggle obtaining a home loan. Business owners also have finance options to suit their circumstances. Many lender’s require up to date accounts to prove income and if you’ve been busy …

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